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meichalimOur production facility is located in the HI-Tech Park (Central) yokneam. 
It is not permissible to come and tour the facility; it is, however, possible to get an impression of it from the introductory video that is shown during your visit to the Winery’s Visitor Center.

In the past our wine was made through a variety of traditional and home-made methods; today we take advantage of modern technological methods, using huge stainless steel vats as well as automatic filling and corking machines, all of which is designed to meticulously preserve the high quality of our products – without compromise.

Producing the Wine:

The manufacturing process of the wine made at the Morad Wineries from fruit is identical, for the most part, to the process for making wine from grapes. The squeezed fruit undergoes a fermentation process with wine yeast that creates the alcohol. Then, the wine is transferred to the stainless steel vats where it is aged for a number of months, depending on the type of fruit.
After the ageing period the wine is strained, and then filled into the bottles using the most advanced automatic machinery (750 ml. bottles). Since the Morad Wineries keeps a vast selection of bottles at the Visitors Center, one is still able to find special bottles that are wrapped manually.
Despite the fact that the wine has undergone a straining process it is often possible that fruit sediment will be found inside the bottle – this in no way harms the quality of the product (there are those who believe that this improves it!) and it also serves to prove that we produce wine from natural fruit. There is also wines that are produced from grapes.

Production of Liqueur :

Contrary to the production of wine, liqueur does not undergo a fermentation process, rather a process of extraction. The extraction process does not produce alcohol, and so it is necessary to add this in accordance with the desired degree

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