Danue Cherry Wine

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27Danue Cherry Wine , a red dessert wine, is produced from sweet Bing or Chinook cherries which grow in the north of Israel.
The ripe cherries undergo a fermentation process, after which they are aged for at least 8 months in stainless steel vats.
The taste of the fruit is preserved and is quite noticeable in the wine.

It contains 13.5% alcohol.

Health properties: In popular medicine the cherry helps people suffering from arthritis and protects against cancer.

Danue Cherry is Kosher and under Supervision of: The Religious Council of Upper Yokneam, O.K. Kashrut, Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak.
Danue Cherry is Kosher for Pesach all year long.

Recommended mthods of srvingServe cold or with cubes of ice, and in a variety of other cocktails (see ‘Recipes’).

Danue Cherry is sold in the Visitors Center Shop at the Winery in a variety of bottles and sizes:500 ml., 250 ml., ‘a pair of lovers’


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