Danue Date Wine

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Date Wine is produced from dates of the Medjoul species.
The Medjoul date is the largest and juiciest date from amongst the well-known species of dates, its flavor is juicy and sweeter than most other dates.
The fruit undergoes a fermentation process after which it is aged for up to 12 months in stainless steel vats.

It contains 13.5% alcohol.

Health properties:Due to it’s good ingredients the Date is considered to be an excellent food for athletes, pregnant women, women after childbirth and anyone who requires the highest possible concentration of natural energy.

Danue Dateis Kosher and under Supervision of:The Religious Council of Upper Yokneam, O.K. Kashrut, Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak.
Danue Date is Kosher for Pesach all year long.

Recommended method of serving: Cold, in wine glasses or in shots.

Danue Date is sold in the Visitors Center Shop at the Winery in a variety of bottles and sizes:500 ml., 250 ml., and as ‘a pair of lovers’.



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