Danue tiers

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18Danue tiers is a very special kind of bottle, A surprising gift for anyone receiving it.
Three bottles of wine in one bottle!
Each of them contains high quality wine of a different flavor.

The flavors that can be found in the three-tier bottles are in different variations:
Danue Passion, Danue Pomegranate, Danue Red Grapefruit, Danue Apple and Danue Date.

The gift bottle contains:3 x 250 ml. bottles

The three tier bottle can be purchased at the Winery Shop all year long.
Surprise your friends/employees/family with a special gift that keeps the wonderful taste and pleasant memory for a long time.

The three tier bottle can be purchased in the different stores only during the Holydays period – the New Year and Passover (see the Points of Sale).

All of the Winery products are Kosher, under the supervision of: The Religious Council of Upper Yokneam, O.K. Kashrut, Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak.

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