Danue Passion fruit wine

Passion Fruit wine is the flagship product of the Morad Winery. The

Danue Pomegranate wine

Pomegranate Wine is one of the leading products of the

Danue Apple Wine

Apple Wine is produced from high quality Granny Smith and Pink

Danue Date Wine

Date Wine is produced from dates of the Medjoul species.

Danue Red Grapefruit Wine

Grapefruit Wine has become of the leading products of the Morad

Danue Cherry Wine

Danue Cherry Wine , a red dessert wine, is produced

Danue Apricot Wine

Apricot Wine is produced from fresh Apricots that have attained

Danue Apple Honey

דאנו תפוח בדבש הופק במהדורה מיוחדת לכבוד ראש השנה  Apple

Danue Cinnamon Wine

Cinnamon Wine is produced from the bark of the cinnamon

Danue Carob Wine

Carob Wine is one of our most interesting products.This wine

Danue Coconut Wine

Coconut Wine is a white dessert wine which is made from


Danue Coffee liqueur

Danue Coffee is one of the leading liqueurs of the

Danue Chocolate liqueur

Danue Chocolate liqueu rwith the bitter and sweetish taste.It contains 19%

Danue Almond liqueur

Almond liqueur made by the Morad Winery is enriched with

Danue Melon liqueur

Danue Melon liqueur, the strong aroma of the melon fruit

Danue Orange liqueur

Danue Orange, a liqueur with an intoxicating aroma of citrus.The

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Danue tiers

Danue tiers is a very special kind of bottle, A surprising